My teaching focuses on developing students’ critical thinking skills and providing a balanced perspective between theory and practice. In my class, I encourage student participation through group discussions and in-class debates. Also, students are required to collaborate and present a variety of group project to address urban planning issues in effort to apply theory to a real-life scenario.

Currrent Teaching

  • Present2015

    Introduction to Urban Planning

    Undergraduate, UNIST

  • Present2014

    Urban and Regional Development

    Undergraduate, UNIST

  • Present2014

    Planning for Housing

    Graduate, UNIST

  • present2015

    City and Neighborhood Revitalization

    Graduate, UNIST

Teaching History

  • 20142012

    Housing and Urban Development

    Undergraduate, University of Florida

  • 20142013

    Housing, Public Policy and Planning

    Graduate, University of Florida